Book Reviews

Something is Brooding


  • Halbe Kuipers University of Amsterdam



Isabelle Stengers, Alfred North Whitehead, Process philosophy, Politics of science, Common sense


Review of Isabelle Stengers. 2023. Making Sense in Common: A Reading of Whitehead in Times of Collapse. Translated by Thomas Lamarre. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Author Biography

Halbe Kuipers, University of Amsterdam

Halbe Hessel Kuipers holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam; thesis under the direction of Patricia Pisters and Erin Manning, entitled ‘Perspectives and Event: A Study on Modes of Existence’, defended in 2022. Having worked a lifetime in the experimental laboratory for research-creation, SenseLab, under Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, Kuipers was editor of the journal Inflexions and spearheaded its radical pedagogy project on neurodiversity. Kuipers now teaches at the University of Amsterdam and is working on a book on perspectivism and film.



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Kuipers, Halbe. 2024. “Something Is Brooding”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 44 (1):136-43.