Earth System Breakdown Does Not Care About Tenure Track


  • Harriet Maria Bergman University of Antwerp



Critical Naturalism, Critical Environmental Justice, Decoloniality, Activism, Climate Breakdown


The prior issue of Krisis (42:1) published Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto, with the aim to instigate a debate of the issues raised in this manifesto – the necessary re-thinking of the role (and the concept) of nature in critical theory in relation to questions of ecology, health, and inequality. Since Krisis considers itself a place for philosophical debates that take contemporary struggles as starting point, it issued an open call and solicited responses to the manifesto. This is one of the sixteen selected responses, which augment, specify, or question the assumptions and arguments of the manifesto.

Author Biography

Harriet Maria Bergman, University of Antwerp

Harriët Bergman pursues a PhD at the Centre for European Philosophy at the University of Antwerp, researching whether feminist philosophy and critical race theory can help discussions on climate breakdown concerning emotions, privilege, power, and social change.



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Bergman, Harriet Maria. 2023. “Earth System Breakdown Does Not Care About Tenure Track”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 43 (1):164-66.