Is Critical Naturalism Necessary?




Critical Naturalism Manifesto, Nietzsche, Neoliberalism, Braidotti


The prior issue of Krisis (42:1) published Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto, with the aim to instigate a debate of the issues raised in this manifesto – the necessary re-thinking of the role (and the concept) of nature in critical theory in relation to questions of ecology, health, and inequality. Since Krisis considers itself a place for philosophical debates that take contemporary struggles as starting point, it issued an open call and solicited responses to the manifesto. This is one of the sixteen selected responses, which augment, specify, or question the assumptions and arguments of the manifesto.

Author Biographies

Martine Prange, Tilburg University

Martine Prange is Full Professor of Humanity, Culture and Society. Her research focuses on the History of Modernity, Continental Philosophy, contemporary questions of free speech, critique, and media as well of 'public listening' and 'auditive democracy' (the philosophy and art of listening, attention, and silence). She also teaches philosophical anthropology, posthumanism, and the Anthropocene.

Ties van Gemert

Ties van Gemert is a PhD-student at the Department of Philosophy of Tilburg University. His research interests are in epistemology, philosophy of science, and history of psychology. 

Willem van der Deijl-Kloeg, Tilburg University

Willem van der Deijl is assistant professor of ethics at the Tilburg Philosophy Department. His research is focused on wellbeing, meaningfulness, and questions of value more generally.

Paolo Santori, Tilburg University

Paolo Santori defines himself as a philosopher at the crossroads between economic thought and theology. Currently, he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (Tilburg University). He obtained (2022) the Italian National Scientific Habilitation as Associate Professor in History of Economic Thought.



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Prange, Martine, Ties Van Gemert, Willem van der Deijl-Kloeg, and Paolo Santori. 2023. “Is Critical Naturalism Necessary?”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 43 (1):106-9.