The Absolute Contradiction of Self-Determination


  • Rasmus Sandnes Haukedal Durham University



Self determination, Hegel, Autonomy, Closure of constraints, Normativity


The prior issue of Krisis (42:1) published Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto, with the aim to instigate a debate of the issues raised in this manifesto – the necessary re-thinking of the role (and the concept) of nature in critical theory in relation to questions of ecology, health, and inequality. Since Krisis considers itself a place for philosophical debates that take contemporary struggles as starting point, it issued an open call and solicited responses to the manifesto. This is one of the sixteen selected responses, which augment, specify, or question the assumptions and arguments of the manifesto.

Author Biography

Rasmus Sandnes Haukedal, Durham University

Rasmus Sandnes Haukedal has recently completed a PhD in philosophy at Durham University. He works in the intersection between philosophy and theoretical biology, with an emphasis on the historical and conceptual interaction between philosophy and evolutionary biology. In his thesis, he discusses the ongoing change within evolutionary theory, the extended evolutionary synthesis, through a dialectical framework. He also co-convenes the reading group at the Centre for Culture and Ecology at Durham University.



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Sandnes Haukedal, Rasmus. 2023. “The Absolute Contradiction of Self-Determination”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 43 (1):143-47.