The Aesthetics of Natural History




Critical Theory, Critical Naturalism, Adorno, Aesthetics, Climate Crisis, Schelling


The prior issue of Krisis (42:1) published Critical Naturalism: A Manifesto, with the aim to instigate a debate of the issues raised in this manifesto – the necessary re-thinking of the role (and the concept) of nature in critical theory in relation to questions of ecology, health, and inequality. Since Krisis considers itself a place for philosophical debates that take contemporary struggles as starting point, it issued an open call and solicited responses to the manifesto. This is one of the sixteen selected responses, which augment, specify, or question the assumptions and arguments of the manifesto.

Author Biography

Tobias Heinze, Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt

Tobias Heinze is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Social Research and a PhD candidate in Social Philosophy at Goethe University Frankfurt. He studied Sociology and Political Theory in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Münster, and New York and has recently been a visiting doctoral researcher at the School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. In his PhD thesis, he analyses Schelling’s contribution to a Critical Theory of Nature. He also researches contemporary and historical challenges of Critical Theory, such as the relationship between psychoanalysis and social philosophy. He is co-editor, with Martin Mettin, of the volume “Denn das Wahre ist das Ganze nicht...“ Beiträge zur Negativen Anthropologie Ulrich Sonnemanns (Neofelis, 2021).



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Heinze, Tobias. 2023. “The Aesthetics of Natural History”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 43 (1):136-38.