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Art's Work in Mnemonic Care


  • Sue Shon Emily Carr University of Art + Design



Political Memory, Systemic Violence, Aesthetics, Care, Care Ethics


Review of Mihaela Mihai (2022) Political Memory and the Aesthetics of Care: The Art of Complicity and Resistance.

Author Biography

Sue Shon, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Sue Shon is Assistant Professor of Critical and Cultural Studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She researches and teaches critical race and ethnic studies and comparative diasporic literatures and visual cultures. She is working on a book project, Racial Sense and the Making of Aesthetic Modernity, which tells the story of how race acquired a visual feel due to constraints in the language of modern human perception.



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Shon, Sue. 2022. “Art’s Work in Mnemonic Care”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 42 (1):130-33.