Ruins in the Expanded Field


  • Jake Romm Unaffiliated



Necropolitics, Ruins, End of history, Paolo Virno, Aesthetics


This paper applies the Klein Group form used by Rosalind Krauss in her essay, "Sculpture in the Expanded Field", to the field of ruins. The opposition utilized to create the ruin Klein Group is the opposition between vanished and intact. The paper proceeds by classifying and discussing each of the possibilities opened up by the expanded field: ruins (not-vanished ; not-intact), consecrated sites (vanished ; not-vanished), ruin-reproduction (vanished ; intact), and finally the "necroaesthetical ruin" (intact ; not-intact). The expanded field and the political and aesthetic implications thereof are discussed primarily in conversation with Paolo Virno's "Deja Vu and the End of History," as well as Achille Mbembe's "Necropolitics" and Andreas Huyssen's "Nostalgia for Ruins.”

Author Biography

Jake Romm, Unaffiliated

Jake Romm is a writer and human rights lawyer based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has appeared in the International Criminal Law Review, Strange Matters, The Brooklyn Rail, Photograph Magazine and elsewhere. 



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