70 Years Minima Moralia

The Fragile Strength of a Dissolving Subjectivity


  • José A. Zamora Institute of Philosophy, Madrid




Adorno, Minima Moralia

Author Biography

José A. Zamora, Institute of Philosophy, Madrid

Senior Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy (Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research - CSIC), Madrid-Spain. PhD (Münster/Germany). His research lines are Critical Theory (Th.W. Adorno, W. Benjamin), Social Suffering, Authoritarianism, Philosophy after Auschwitz, Political Theologies of Modernity. Main publications: Krise -Kritik -Erinnerung. Ein politisch-theologischer Versuch über das Denken Adornos im Horizont der Krise der Moderne [Crisis – Critique - Memory. A political-theological attempt about Adorno's thinking in the horizon of the crisis of modernity (1995), Th. W. Adorno: Pensar contra la barbarie [Th. W. Adorno: Thinking against Barbarism] (2004; port. 2008) y La crisis y sus víctimas [The crisis and its victims] (2014). He chairs the "Sociedad de Estudios de Teoría Crítica" and is editor of Constelaciones. Revista de Teoría Crítica.



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Zamora, José A. 2021. “The Fragile Strength of a Dissolving Subjectivity”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 41 (2):60-62. https://doi.org/10.21827/krisis.41.2.38242.



70 Years Minima Moralia