Krisis 40 years

Krisis of het afscheid van de filosofie?


  • René Boomkens



The founders of Krisis saw their journal as part of Rudi Dutschke’s ‘long march through the institutions’: a philosophical journal that would criticize and change the practices and institutions of academic philosophy from within. Philosophy should play a critical and emancipatory role in society and in intellectual and public debates, and the journal could help to enhance that role. Academic philosophy did change, but in a rather different direction: new public management took over and submitted academic research and education to a new regime of entrepeneurial efficiency and disciplinary competition. To survive, Krisis metamorphosized several times and is now a broad bilingual online journal for intellectual debate and research with a loose relationship with academic philosophy. If it strengthens this identity, it can continue to play an intermediary role between academic research and public debate, in both directions.



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Boomkens, René. 2020. “Krisis of Het Afscheid Van De Filosofie?”. Krisis | Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 40 (1):36-47.



Krisis 40 years

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