Franse filosofen over de oorlog op de Balkan

Yolande Jansen and Tammy Dobbelaar


Yolande Jansen

Yolande Jansen is a researcher at the Amsterdam Center for Globalisation Studies (ACGS) of the University of Amsterdam and professor of humanism in relation to religion and secularity on behalf of the Socrates Foundation at the VU University Amsterdam. Her publications include Secularism, Assimilation and the Crisis of Multiculturalism: French Modernist Legacies (Amsterdam UP, forthcoming 2013) and ‘Postsecularism, Piety and Fanaticism: Reflections on Jürgen Habermas’ and Saba Mahmood’s Critiques of Secularism’, in Philosophy and Social Criticism (2011).

Tammy Dobbelaar

Tammy Dobbelaar studeerde filosofie aan de Universiteit Utiecht en is eindtedacteui van Ktisis. Pet adres: Damstiaat 19, 3531 BP Utiecht.