Krisis still is a completely independent online journal, without any ties to big publication companies and factories of knowledge. This independence means that we remain dependent on your donations. Although Krisis is a non-profit enterprise, we are in need of a small annual budget for our platform to stay afloat. To keep the quality of our contributions as high as possible, Krisis works with a paid editorial assistant and a paid proofreader (while the editorial board is happy to self-exploit). Without your donation, Krisis cannot subsist. Therefore, we hope that you – reader, contributor, supporter – are willing to donate a small (or larger) amount to Krisis to secure our financial future: we need you! Donations can be sent directly to our bank account at IBAN NL33INGB0005172630.

New website

The new issue of Krisis is accompanied by an entire new digital environment. In order to make Krisis more accessible it is redesigned and equipped with a new website. Although we have tried our uttermost best to make the new website function as good as possible, there still might be several small imperfections hidden in this new digital platform. If you discover one (or more) of those, please let us know by sending an e-mail to and we’ll continue  our endevaours to reach perfection.